Photo of the Week


This isn’t the greatest picture in the world, but it’s the start of a project I’m working on. I have the fortune of owning a home that rests up next to a bike path that leads into a massive state park. In fact, it’s the largest in Northern Illinois. My backyard slopes down to this flat open space, the space you see above in the picture. From time to time a pack of coyotes roams this open space. I’ve seen as many as five at the same time, running around, nipping at each other, howling. It’s most interesting when an ambulance drives by and all of the coyotes run up and howl with the sounds of the ambulance.

Anyway, my goal is to get some really good pictures of these majestic beasts. I love seeing them. Coyotes have always spoke to my heart in a very special way. So I wanted to use this photo to kick off the project. I’m going to have to work quite a bit harder to get a more quality picture than this.